Tree Risk Assessment

Assess the Health & Well-being of your trees!

Do you have a tree that may be dead or dying? Our team of arborists can perform a comprehensive tree assessment. We can determine whether or not your tree poses a danger to your property, and help you understand steps you may be able to take in order to save it.

Even a moderately-sized tree can weigh in excess of 2 tons so if a heavy tree falls on your property, it can damage utility lines, your home, your vehicles, or your family. Because of this potential danger, it is a good idea to have regular tree risk assessments performed on your property, especially if you suspect that a particular tree may be likely to fall or become damaged in the near future. At American Advance Tree, we can perform comprehensive tree risk assessments. We can determine whether or not a tree is at risk of falling, and identify potential issues like disease, root stress, and more. By catching potential problems early, we can save you time and money, and often, we can even save your tree from removal.

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Why Choose American Advance Tree?

Our mission is to deliver the most phenomenal service experience in the Tree Care Industry.

We Care

We pride ourselves in our customer-centric approach to tree service, genuinely listening to our customers while assessing their needs. In short, we desire to establish a relationship with you!

We Know

We are fully licensed and insured. Additionally, we maintain membership and certification as an Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). We are a team of top-notch tree experts who will remove and trim your trees safely while keeping your landscape looking gorgeous.

We Work

We communicate effectively and clearly. We show up on time and work hard to get your project completed quickly and safely, cleaning up and leaving your property clear of debris. With our highly specialized equipment, we will minimally impact your landscape and property. Finally, a Certified Arborist will oversee the completion of your project.

We Guarantee

Upon finalizing your project on our schedule, payment is due when you are completely satisfied with our work. Your satisfaction is our first concern!

We Review

We work hard to gain your trust. Through our professional service and dedicated care, we want to earn your referrals to the people you know that need our professional tree services. Your complete satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Five-Star Ratings and Reviews are our lifeblood!

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