What to Look for When Hiring a Tree Service Company

Whether you have a questionable tree or already have one fallen, many homeowners discover their need for a tree service when they are dealing with a crisis. When a tree emergency happens, choosing the first service you can find seems reasonable. Tree services are valuable for your emergencies, but they have many beneficial offerings for your yard year-round. Your yard will truly reach its potential under the care of a professional tree service. If you are looking for a tree service for an emergency or general maintenance, you still should make sure that the tree service has the following qualifications:

  • Proper Credentials—Trees are large and powerful, capable of significant damage if managed improperly. You should not entrust your safety to a company without the right credentials. A professional tree service should have excellent insurance coverage, proper licensing, extensive training, and membership in professional groups in the industry. Insurance is crucial for the safety of you, your yard, and the tree company’s staff. You do not want to be liable if a serviceman from their staff has an incident on your property. Professional membership associations hold companies to higher standards of performance, service, and safety. When a company is handling a tree that could call on your home, you want to make sure they are up for the job.
  • An Arborist On Staff—A tree service should have a licensed ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) arborist on their payroll. An arborist is essentially a tree doctor. They undergo significant ongoing training to ensure that they are up to date on the latest and best practices when it comes to your tree care. A quality tree company should be using their arborist’s knowledge to guide their methods.
  • Proper Equipment—Tree services can require an arsenal of tools and equipment to do the work appropriately. A professional company should have a plan for how they will utilize their equipment at your home without damaging your yard. If they are laying down plywood to drive on to avoid rutting your yard with their equipment, that is a sign of a prepared team. Also, each tree professional should be dressed in safety gear to meet the OSHA safety standards. If a tree company is not outfitted with the right equipment and protective gear for the job, you are not getting the professionalism and preparedness you deserve.
  • Strong Recommendations—Reading reviews online can be a helpful glimpse into former customers’ experience, especially if you read more than just the 5 star reviews. Negative reviews give you the opportunity to see how the company responds to disappointed clients and remedies the conflict. If there are limited reviews or you would like further information, ask for references from the company. You may gain significant confidence in the tree service after phoning a company who has utilized the tree service happily before. A professional company will have no trouble providing references.

If you need a professional tree service right now, reach out to American Advance Tree to schedule your visit. Led by an arborist, our team is professional, well-reviewed, prepared, and properly credentialed.

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