Why Stump Grinding is Essential

Once a problematic tree has been cut down, some homeowners will leave the stump and think their issue is solved. Although a tree stump does not pose the same risk as a towering tree, a stump can still be a danger to your family. American Advance Tree has extensive experience with tree stump grinding and can offer many solid reasons for removing tree stumps as soon as possible.

  • A Tree Stump Detracts from Your Landscaping and Home—You can have a perfectly manicured yard, but an unsightly stump will still end up being the focal point. They stand out even more so in well-kept yards. Your home’s curb appeal can be negatively affected, which is especially important if you intend to sell your home. Although some people have found DIY stump table or planter ideas to make them more attractive, a stump is still better off removed for many reasons.
  • A Tree Stump is a Trip Hazard—Since they are low to the ground, stumps can be overlooked for a moment and tripped over, causing minor or serious injuries. Stumps are especially hazardous for elderly relatives or children playing in your yard. Your yard should be a safe space for your family, so removing the stump is an investment in the well-being of your family.
  • A Tree Stump Welcomes Pests—As a tree stump is decaying, the stump will become an ideal home for many unwanted visitors, especially termites. Termites can turn the stump into their home and feeding spot. Over time, the termites could plague other trees in your yard and even worse, they could move onto your home. Remove the stump promptly to avoid dealing with a major termite issue later.
  • A Tree Stump Can Start Regrowing—If a live tree is cut down, a stump will start growing shoots from it. Obviously, the tree will never be a productive tree again. The little sprouts will look unappealing and require chemicals to kill off. Also, they will steal valuable nutrients from your healthy plants. Removing the stump will be better from an aesthetic perspective, but also for the sake of your overall yard health.
  • A Tree Stump Takes Away Valuable Yard Space—Especially if you have a smaller yard, you need to maximize your space. A stump takes up usable space and limits what you can do in your yard. Also, a stump will make mowing your yard more challenging too, regardless of yard size.

Is a Professional Stump Grinding Necessary?

The process of stump grinding is best left to the professionals because it requires heavy duty equipment that the typical homeowner would not have. Although you could possibly rent the equipment, stump grinding is labor intensive, and you want to make sure the job is completed properly. Trees have extensive root systems to consider when planning a stump grinding. Also, you may have pipes and utilities under your yard that could be disturbed accidentally. Once the stump is removed, we will take it away for green recycling. The hole can be filled in with soil, grass seed, and mulch. Instantly, you have a more appealing and functional yard again.

If you have an unsightly stump in your yard, choose American Advance Tree for a professional stump grinding. We will remove the stump properly and leave only a beautiful yard behind. 

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