Why Winter is Ideal for Pruning

During the winter season, the only tree most people are thinking about trimming is their Christmas tree. We are all for trimming Christmas trees with all the lights and ornaments, but this is an ideal time to do the other kind of trimming for your outdoor trees. Many homeowners probably put away their yard tools once the weather drops below 50, but this is the ideal time for pruning. Our tree experts at American Advance Tree want to share the top reasons you should consider winter pruning:

Reason #1: The Branches are More Visible.

During winter, your trees will have far fewer leaves. Leaves make it difficult to see the actual shape and structure of the tree. Also, disease and damage can more easily hide behind a full canopy of leaves. You may have to put on your heavy coat to go pruning right now, but your job will be far easier.

Reason #2: Trees are Dormant in Winter.

When the weather is warmer, your trees are working hard to grow and produce. The winter is an optimal time to prune your trees because your trees are essentially doing a plant version of hibernation. Your tree will be resting, so it can recover from the pruning without also trying to grow and produce at the same time.

Reason #3: Trees have a Reduced Risk of Disease.

The winter may be our worst season for sickness, but it is the best season for trees in terms of disease. A major concern when pruning is whether the trimmed spots will welcome pests. During the winter, you are far less likely to have pests take advantage of the pruning wounds. Your trees are also unlikely to have problems with bacteria and fungi.

Reason #4: Your Trees will Have a Boost for Spring.

Pruning trees can help stimulate their growth during the spring months. When you trim away dead, diseased, or deformed branches, you can allow your tree to channel new energy to the healthy branches instead.

Most trees benefit from winter pruning, but there are some exceptions. Any trees that flower in the spring should be trimmed after their blooms fade. Their buds will already be set by winter, so this would hinder their growth.

If you need help with your pruning this winter, reach out to American Advance Tree. Our professional team can help your trees be ready to thrive!

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